Custom web development services in the USA

Experts at NKATS believe in building a website with top-notch technologies like Coordinator - PHP, Laravel - PHP, .NET, NodeJS and Python help in the sustainability of growth. We are well-established and top web development company in USA. Developing the website is an art and it takes intelligence to be an artist.

Custom web app development

Custom web app is not just changing color, font or theme. We approach it, no less than the original web app. Never worry about the security level of custom web app while we offer extremely the safest App from all aspects.

e-Business Solution

NKATS provides the solution for multiple stages in most affordable price segment. Whether it is B2B or B2C, our strategy would be unique where you could visualize the gradual growth of your shares.

Enterprise web app development

For the large scale industry, we provide an Enterprise web app with highly controllable admin panel. For a corporate, we come with the most preferable security encryption. Though we proceed by Agile and waterfall methodology, we can assure you for a flawless output.

Software product Development

With enough proven experience, we could assure for the successful output in a convincing budget frame. The contemporary Application development will be driven with highly secured patches. NKATS is the well-established in providing Web development services in the USA.

Frontend & Backend Development

We simplified the Backend as easy as Frontend administration panel to minimize the pressure of the one who would take care of it. You don’t want to find the customers while you are beside of our developers, the customer will get to you for their experience.

Upgrades and reconsideration

At NKATS, you can sort out the exact prototype of Enthusiasms, where they will show no hesitation to work with your upgrades and modifications of the order hence we are working on Agile method. We are the most affordable web development company in the USA.

Our Web App development Verticals

Online Marketplaces & Portals

Anyone could create a profile and sell or buy at online marketplaces, but only a few get over attention from the vendors and customers. NKATS creates such Online Marketplaces and Portals in an affordable range.

Accounting App

When it comes to accounts, you must hold huge potential to convince the client. It is not just easy with your technical skills, but you should show off a superior interface and it is a cake-walk task for our developing experts.

E-Commerce Websites

The future of purchase is going to be at E-Commerce, and we all are familiar with it. How are you going to be unique from other thousand competitors? Deals and offers? Come on! Its old trend. Well, it would be pretty to build a site with a keen user-friendly interface.

Custom Business Apps

It guides you to track the business and the performance of an employee. We hold the record in numbers of successfully built custom business app. We sell it at a stunning price which would be affordable for your startup.

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management is simple. With the fair experience of our technicians, you can easily get the best CRM System application even if you don’t have the right knowledge on it, we would customize and provide the simplified back end.

Social Networking App

Most of the trending app in the play store is a Social Networking App. How would you differentiate yourself from all other leading application? If you have a partial idea, come to us and get an elaborated application with unique scripts.

PHP Development

it is a scripting language used in web development can be embedded into HTML

Progressive Web App Development

iit combines the features of different modern browsers and improves mobile experience

.Net Web Development

C#, along with the .NET framework, is used to simplify programming.

Haskell Web Development

The specific use of this language is in working with many diverse applications together.

Core Technologies & Frameworks

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

Open Source


Web Application

Js Development




There might be times when GPS signals may be too weak in some route locations. In this case, we have developed a backup system to calculate approximate fare to avoid inconvenience that can be faced by Driver as the apps wont be able to calculate & generate ride fare.We will be using google's direction API's to get approximate / nearest distance and get the approximate fare calculated.


Our system will take auto backup of the database every alternate day or whenever you want on single click and also allow you to download it on your local computer.This way, you will always have latest database backup of Rides, Driver's detail, Rider's detail, etc. This is a very critical feature and be very useful when something wrong goes with your Server, Site, Apps or Database or even when your Server's Database gets crashed or in worst scenario - when someone has intentionally messed with your database for purpose of disturbing your business


By embracing our professional web design service, now you got licensed to become a highly accessible player for any industry to implement your service or product in their system.


Being conventional by choice, we portray your corporate website by mixing it up with our innovative ideations. Well-Framed corporate web design must be stereotypically unique to deliver the desired message to the end user.

Conversion Rate

We are enhanced corporate web design company in Chennai, India who delivers assured conversion rate to your business with our enticing designing techniques.


Enterprises approach professional web design companies to enhance their business standards and to reach out for renowned clients, we promise you in uplifting your standards through our exquisite web design services.

User Centricity

Creating a user-centric website is essential to leverage any business, we at iStudio Technologies get involved in deep-rooted research and provide engaging website designs for corporates in India, by analysing their customer minds.

Conversion Rate

We are enhanced corporate web design company in Chennai, India who delivers assured conversion rate to your business with our enticing designing techniques.


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