Isn’t This Illegal?

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Who Is An ‘Entrepreneur’?

Strange you asked us this question. But, We’ll give it our definition. First a story. Toshiba built the World’s smallest memory chip and didn’t know what to do with it. It was a sitting duck till it fell in the hands of an entrepreneur called ‘Steve Jobs’. He took it, fitted it in his smallest music player, called it iPod and sold like a trillion units of it making a huge comeback for Apple. Thats what entrepreneurs do – They find new uses for existing concepts. They can’t think straight. Its a good disorder to have!

So, What Is NKATS?

NKATS gives you existing concepts in a ready-to-install form. Be it Instagram or Tinder, we spend huge man hours building a perfect replica of the existing concepts and wait for you to take it from us. Our complete list is awaiting you here.

What Can I Do With Your Products?

You are an entrepreneur. You can think of different ways to use these concepts. You might take Facebook and turn that into a employee-interaction tool for enterprises. You would take Tinder and turn that into a match making app for Buddishist Monks or you’d take the Instagram clone and make it a photo sharing site for Space shuttlers. You are a genius. You’ll figure out what you wanna do with whats out there, We’ll build them for you so your time is not wasted.

How Easy Is It To Setup A Business With Your Products?

What do you need? – An idea, The product that captures the idea and some business stuff to launch it. We are pulling your weight with the product, you have the idea to use it specifically for a target. Besides, We’ll plug you in with the necessary tools like free hosting, chat tools, help desk software and the host of other precious stuff worth over $20000 to sweeten your life. Just launch the damn thing and watch your networth, Will ya?!

What About Customization?

We know where you come from.. Its never enough for you entrepreneurs! Yes!, tell us what needs changed in the standard product and show us the way and we’ll walk it for you. We’ll charge you extra to compensate for the additional Red Bulls and beers, we consume while making those changes.

How Do I Contact You?

‘Meditation’ but if thats not your preferred channel, Email us – info@nkats.net and We know there’s a creative guy on the other end about to keep us awake in joy!